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Thank you for your interest in our dogs - whether they be Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Dobermans, or even Samoyeds.  And although we do not breed Dobermans, Saint Bernards, or Samoyeds, we have many resources to help you find a healthy, tempermentaly sound puppy of just about any breed.

On the rare occassions we breed, we spend a lot of time researching pedigrees and health to be sure the dogs are compatible and will IMPROVE THE BREED, in conformation and health. We breed for these traits as well as temperament. We usually have a waiting list for puppies. We do not breed dogs "just because".

Our dogs are all health tested... and by that we don't just mean that they have seen a vet. Depending on the breed, we x-ray hips & elbows to be sure they are free from dysplasia (then certified through Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)). If they are not free of dysplasia, we will evaluate the extent of the dysplasia and go from there. Their eyes have been checked to be free of any genetic diseases (then certified through Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF)). We have their hearts checked using ECHO and we have their thyroids checked. These are just *some* of the tests that should be done on any large breed dog before breeding. von Willebrands should also be tested for in Great Danes, but is not a requirement.

Hips/elbows cannot be certified until they are at least two years of age and we would not consider a stud dog until these tests - at a minumum - are completed. So I would never consider using a dog less than 2 years of age.

Any dog bred by us will have its championship from the American Kennel Club (AKC) and/or Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). This proves that the dog is conformationally sound and meets the standard as determined by the Great Dane Club of America (GDCA) and/or Great Dane Club of Canada (GDCC). It would be nice to have other titles (obedience, rally, agility) as well, although we understand that not everyone enjoys those sports. In absence of some performance title, a Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Therapy Dog (TDI), or Temperament Test (ATTS) would be sufficient. Although we show in UKC (United Kennel Club), we feel a dog should have a title in another venue  as well... or at least by competing there.

Any dog bred by us will have a 4-generation pedigree. A Great Dane will be pure color-bred (we do not believe in breeding black to fawn, blue to fawn, harlequin to fawn, mantle to fawn). A Doberman will not be Z-factored (white).

Please do not ask to use your stud on our bitches without the above requirements. And should those requirements be met, please note that is not a 100% guarantee that we think our two animals will be compatible enough to IMPROVE THE BREED.

We hope you can see that we take breeding quite seriously. It's a well thought out process, not a whim. When you breed, you are producing puppies that would not exist except for your intervention, so it must be taken seriously. All the potential owners are screened and questioned thoroughly as these are people that we will interact with for the rest of the pups' lives. It is not just one puppy that will be produced. It is an entire litter of 6-12 puppies. We will hopefully be keeping a puppy, yes. But the entire litter needs to be cared for during its first 8 weeks of life. And that includes sleeping with Momma during the first week or two, ensuring the puppies are growing up healthy, and finding good homes. It is not something to be taken lightly. Our puppies are home raised (not in a kennel). They are given love and attention from the time they are born to the day they go home with you. They are allowed and encouraged to try new things and hear new sounds.

All puppies sold as PETS will be sold with limited registration and are not to be used for breeding purposes.
A bit of clarification on pet vs show. We have many inquiries of people wanting a show quality dog for a pet because somehow the misconception is that the show puppy is going to be better. Conformationally yes, there is a reason we will classify them as a pet but it is very unlikely that a novice or pet owner will be able to tell the difference between the different puppies. We try to match each puppy by personality to their new families, after all even if it is to be shown you have to live with it the rest of the time.

Voyager Dogz reserves the right to refuse a puppy to any home we feel not suitable.



If for some reason, you cannot keep your Voyager Dogz puppy, for whatever reason, he/she will need to be returned to us. We will assist in arranging transporation. In some instances, a person may have a new wonderful home chosen for their pup. We ask that you contact us and that the new person fill out an application for rehoming. Most importantly, these pups are like our kids and we want to keep track of them for their entire life. Breeder support is extended to any and all owners of our puppies.

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