United Kennel Club Best in Show Veteran
American/International/UKC Champion
Rally Novice, Canine Good Citizen
CH Westhavens Polaris v Sleeping HOF x CH Westhavens Sleepy Irish Cream HOF
June 27, 2002 - May 6, 2011

UKC # 3 Saint Bernard (2007)
Doozer passed away on Friday May 6 2011 after a 4-month battle with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). As with our girl Kes, we opted not to do any extraordinary measures to save Doozer's life. He was severely displastic in both hips and elbows and we felt that unless the procedure gave him back total use of all 4 legs, then it would not be in Doozer's best interests.

Doozer obtained his United Kennel Club (UKC) Championship in 2003, finishing with a Group 1! He was mostly retired from the UKC show ring when his breeder decided to give it a try in 2007. Doozer went Best of Breed for all four shows and ended up being tied for the # 3 Saint Bernard in the country!

Doozer obtained his puppy International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) title in 3 straight shows.with excellent comments and a group placement in 2003. He completed is adult IABCA Championship in 2005 with excellent comments and another group placement!!

Doozer obtained his American Kennel Club (AKC) Championship at the age of 4 years 11 months (May 2007). His breeder put both his majors on him, but all other points were done by either Kathryn or Wilhelm. Not bad for 2 novice Saint Bernard handlers... handling a smooth!! Doozer's "specials" career started off with a fizzle (2 losses to class animals!) but we persevered and Doozer obtained Top Twenty status in 2008 (Canine Chronicle) as well as being invited to the Saint Bernard Club of America Top Twenty event! He attended that event with his breeder and although he didn't win he got some very nice comments! At the specialties associated with the National, he made every cut handled by Randy Sleep. At the Nationals itself, he made the first cut (also handled by Randy). Our thanks to Randy for taking such good care of Doozer while he was away from home!!

In December 2006, Doozer had what turned out to be his first seizure. We had never experienced seizures before and had no idea what was happening at first. When we did figure it out, we tried to find some common cause but we couldn't; nor did the veterinarians. Doozer then began having seizures off and on about every 6 months for a couple of years. Nothing too concerning and too far between to give him medication for it. In 2010, when they started getting closer - until he was having several A DAY - Doozer was put on phenobarbital which controlled them for the most part (with just one exception).

In 2008, we did what I thought might have been impossible... we entered the Rally Novice ring and completed his RN in three straight shows - all handled by Kathryn!  Kathryn was too chicken to go into the obedience ring with him and so we lost our opportunity as Doozer decided to become a couch potato and neither rally nor obedience interested him anymore!

In 2008, Doozer also became a daddy! This was not necessarily our choice, but since his breeder co-owned him (and co-owned the sperm we had collected) she bred him. He produced 9 wonderful puppies - 2 of which were shown for a short time (one was sold out-of-country). We wish all the puppy buyers the best!

It seems like there should be so much more to say; so many stories to tell about Doozer! He was a wonderful companian, an excellent watcher, and a super-fantastic dog! When he was diagnosed with bone cancer, we started a blog for him. You can see it here :

Doozer, until the very end, refused to say Goodbye. Unfortunately, we had to take that decision into our own hands. It was one of the most difficult decisons we've ever had to make. Sleep well, Doozer. We love you; and we did it for you.

A St. Bernard Club of America Top Twenty dog (2008)
Ranked # 13 in the Canine Chronicle for 2008
Qualified for the 2008 AKC Eukanuba
Qualifying period June - May
Qualifying period October - October
Qualifying period January - December
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