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One Giant Schnauzer client that I have shown over the years... And this was when I was first starting out, and yes the picture is not so great!! He won a major that day, as I recall....
General Appearance
The Giant Schnauzer should resemble, as nearly as possible, in general appearance, a larger and more powerful version of the Standard Schnauzer, on the whole a bold and valiant figure of a dog. Robust, strongly built, nearly square in proportion of body length to height at withers, active, sturdy, and well muscled. Temperament which combines spirit and alertness with intelligence and reliability. Composed, watchful, courageous, easily trained, deeply loyal to family, playful, amiable in repose, and a commanding figure when aroused. The sound, reliable temperament, rugged build, and dense weather-resistant wiry coat make for one of the most useful, powerful, and enduring working breeds.

For more information on the Giant Schnauzer Retriever see the AKC website

In Aurora, Colorado USA
Kathryn Kudron & Wilhelm Beckmann
est 1995