United Kennel Club Best in Show
International/UKC Champion/UKC multi-Group Winning/American Kennel Club Major ptd
Rumba De Akido San
Canine Good Citizen
Argentine CH Kevin De Akido San  x  Fortress Black De Akido San (Argentina)
       UKC # 11 Doberman (2005)

October 17, 12003 - August 13, 2007
Isis passed away unexpectedly on Monday August 13 2007. Although Isis was not with us, personally, for the last year, we were good friends and kept in touch with her new home. He told us that she hadn't been feeling well, and when he woke up Monday and she was bloated, he took her to the vet. Unfortunately, while the vets were able to disperse the gases in her stomach, they found that the reason Isis didn't feel well was because her liver was beginning to shut down. She was given three days to live. Her owner took her for a long walk and then went back to the vet. He was with her as she passed into Heaven.

Isis was an incredible dog to live with. I have been around many a dog that makes you think twice about petting them. Isis was not one of those. Her very basic desire was to be with you - in your lap preferably - wherever you were. Isis knew no strangers. She was totally unafraid of anything and only wanted to be your friend.

Isis never obtained her American Kennel Club (AKC) Championship. She had 12 points (needing only a major to finish). Most of the points were put on by me, but 1 point was put on by a friend when I had a ring conflict... and 1 point was put on by Brenden. I do not know if the judges did not like her movement or her looks, but I feel that as she got sick her movement got worse. She enjoyed being in the ring, but running around it was kind of a drag and her head always hung low.  Not so standing still!! Brenden ended up not wanting to show her in Junior Showmanship because she was always grabbing for bait (and getting his fingers in the process).

Isis obtained her United Kennel Club (UKC) Championship in 4 straight shows! She got her UKC Best in Show in 2005 after placing numerous times in the group. Isis obtained her International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) title in 3 straight shows.with excellent comments.

In 2006, Julie and I started investigating stud dogs to use when it was time for Isis to be bred. We looked at many wonderful dogs but were stymied when one told us to "do a blood test for liver" and then get back with her. She did not trust Isis' background. And we were STUNNED to find that Isis had high liver enzymes. She still seemed so healthy!! In fact, by the time it was said and done... three different vets told us that if it weren't for the blood work in their hands they would never have known that Isis was sick. She displayed none of the symptons typically associated with liver problems. Her coat remained shiny until the end, her appetite good, and she showed no signs of lethargy. 

As it was, our good friend Thad, who had wanted a puppy from Isis, was enthusiastic when presented with the option of owning Isis herself. He was quite willing to take her and her problems on and began Obedience training. Due to personal circumstances, Isis never entered a show ring (for either conformation or obedience) after October 2006. She became Thad's Princess and continued that way until the end.

And now you dance for only one, Isis. I hope that someday, in the future, there may be another like you. Until then ... Dance, Beautiful. Dance!!
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