UKC Rally 2
SleepyHollows Starstruck Voyage
Rally Novice, Canine Good Citizen; AKC Companion Dog
BISS CH SleepyHollows Beyond The Stars x CH Westhavens Sleepy Irish Cream ROM
September 17 2006 - August 26 2016

Trekkie was a fighter. Like her half brother Doozer, she absolutely refused to say "I've had enough". However, we could see the signs that she was slowing down and not doing as well. Although never officially diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, that is what the vet thought she had. So once again we took the decision out of the dog's paws and chose to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Although Trekkie never completed a conformation Championship (she only showed once - in back-to-back specialties) she was the most beautiful Saint we've owned. But she limped at 9 months old and she limped at 9 years old... In between, though, we had a chance to do a lot!

We spayed Trekkie at 20 months after she came into season at 10 months, then again 5 months later, then again 4 months later. We knew we were not going to show her, did not think she was healthy enough to breed, and we didn't want to deal with the cycles. It was still an excellent decision as she ended up having mildly displastic hips, severely displastic elbows, luxating patellas, and low thyroid! While I don't blame the breeder, I do wish more Saint breeders would health test their dogs before breeding!

Trekkie turned out to have a love for obedience and rally. As long as she could do things at her pace she was a happy camper!! Her first 2 obedience trials she qualified and placed 2nd (day 1) and 3rd (day 2). She then learned to goof off in the ring and it took us a couple months to get her head back in the game. But when she was 5 years & 2 months she did get that last qualifying leg - placing 4th in the class!! By this time she had her Rally Novice title with excellent scores of 97, 100, and 98. A perfect score is 100! We also achieved her UKC Rally 1 title and Rally 2 title. We never went into higher levels of obedience or rally as I didn't want to have her jump on displastic elbows.

Everyone who met Trekkie loved her. Sure, she got slower as she got older (don't we all) but she never let that stop her. She still loved living up to her name and went on Treks whenever she could - with or without us! We love you Trekkie; we miss you. You left a pretty big hole in our hearts.

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